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Winter Outfits For A Florida Girl: Blogmas 2023 Day 8

Winter Outfits For A Florida Girl: Blogmas 2023 Day 8

Published December 22, 2023
Author: Claudie P

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This year a little little series of fall outfits for a Florida girl on my Instagram and I decided to do it for mt 12 days of Christmas. Its so hard to style clothes for the winter in Florida because we technically don’t have a winter season but use Florida girls still want to participate in it. So here my winter outfit for a Florida girl.

Winter Outfits For A Florida Girl

Outfit # 1

This the outfit that I wore to the Small Business Holiday Market that I cohosted with Local Honey. I actually got these boots from them last year and there are one of my favorites. If you want to shop at Local Honey use my code “claudieref” for 10% off your order. I got the top from Pumiey and the skirt from Boohoo.

Outfit # 2

I think that sweaters and tennis skirts are a perfect combo for winter in Florida. The Shirt is from Boohoo and I belive the skirt is from Marshall and again boots from Local Honey.


Outfit # 3

Okay, so coats might be unrealistic for Florida but sometimes it gets chilly. I Think this is honestly the perfect winter outfit for a Florida girl because in the morning it gets cold so you need a jacket and as it gets warmer you can take the jacket off.  I don’t remember where the romper is from but the coat and boots are from Boohoo.

Outfit # 4

This is one of my favorite looks this year and its all thrifted. I got the sweater, skirt and boots(not photographed) from Always Dope. Its a local thrifted brand in SWFL and I love them so much.

Outfit # 5

This jumpsuit is a must have for the winter wherever you live. It’s another item I got from Pumiey and I paired it with these ugg-like boots from Boohoo.

Outfit # 6

This is another favorite of mine. Majority of this outfits from Boohoo like the turtleneck sweater, the skirt, purse, beret, fishnet tights and the socks. The shoes are from Dd’s Discount and the scarf id from the dollar store.

Outfit # 7

Now this entire outfit is from Boohoo. Literally from head to toe. I think that this is a cute look it just that the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Outfit # 8

This is a preview of my Christmas picture and i think that this is my favorite Christmas picture I’ve taken. Again the entire look is from Boohoo.

Thanks For Reading.

Thank you for checking out my winter outfits for a Florida girl What was your favorite look? Let me know in the comments down below!

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