How To Get Pr & Collabs As A Micro/Nano Influencer


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Getting PR or collabs from a brand is one of the many goals to accomplish as an influencer and I’m going to tell you the ways that you can get started with this goal. I’m going to break it down to you step by step so that you will be successful on this journey.

Something that I didn’t like when trying to do my own research with getting PR and collabs was that a lot of the other influencers would tell you the things you need to do but not the why. I’m going to explain the importance of everything that I do. From creating the content to actually pitching yourself to brands.

When creating this I wanted to make things affordable. A lot of creators have course that are up to $900 which is a lot for a small creator. I think that this course is a good price range for everything that I have. Plus I broke it up in a way that if you have the money you can get everything at once and if you don’t you can get things one at a time. The e-book itself explains everything that you need. No it doesn’t include the pitch and the the list but it explains how to find the emails and tell you what you need in your pitch.

So let’s get into the prices:

✨Book $25

✨Email Pitch Template $10

✨100 Brand Email List $15

✨Bundle $50

✨1Hr Video Call With Bundle $150

✨1Hr Video Call Without $100


*If you do a video call with the bundle I will send you the e-book first. So when we get to call we can focus on your specific questions 


Now if you are really in a bind financially I will be doing a free live once a month(date coming soon) Where I’ll give some tips and do an Instagram review at the end


The Individual Products!

Email Pitch Template

List Of 100 Brands

Book Your Video Call!

If money is not an issue, I think you should definitely book a one hour video call with me. You could either get the bundle and video call together at once or get the bundle now and video call later. If you do get it all at once I will send you the e-book first so that when you do the call we can focus on questions specific to you. Then I will send you the pitch template and 100 brand email list on the follow up email after the call.

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✨1Hr Video Call With Bundle $150

✨1Hr Video Call Without $100