Defining My Essence

Defining My Essence Media Kit

Life Style Pictures


My lifestyle’s content includes beauty, food, drinks, and events in SWFL.  I have worked with brands like; Armani Beauty, JVN Hair, Lather Skincare, Javy Coffee, First Leaf Wines, Paint Nails and many more. 

Fashion Pictures



My fashion content includes outfit of the day, styling videos, and clothing hauls. I have work with brands like; Boohoo, Pumiey, Rent The Runway, Prozis, Micas, Local Honey, Adore Me and more. 

12 Days Of Blogmas Pictures

12 Days of Blogmas  is my biggest event of the year. I always make sure I include lifestyle, mental health and fashion content. For example a winter skincare routine, how to deal with mental health over the winter and winter fashion lookbooks. I have worked with brands like Lather, Higher Education Skincare, Boohoo, Local Honey, SWFL small business and many more.

Short Form Videos



My short form content consists of videos I create for Instagram reels, Tiktok videos and Youtube Shorts. I create aesthetic, fashion styling, day in my life mini vlogs, mental health check, behind the scenes of small shoots, SWFL life videos and much more


Long Form Content


For my long form content like Youtube Videos and blog posts I go more in depth and explain things I can’t with short form content. I make of behind the scenes of bigger shoots, unboxing haul, product review, content creator tips, fashion lookbooks and much more

Youtube Videos

Blog Posts