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Winter Nighttime Routine With Lather: Blogmas 2023 Day 10

Winter Nighttime Routine With Lather: Blogmas 2023 Day 10

Published December 23, 2023
Author: Claudie P

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Skincare is so important especially during the winter season. It is so cold and dry and you don’t want your skin to be like that as well. So here’s my winter nighttime routine with lather.

I was gifted the Cranberry Orange Dream Set Lather anf I think its the perfect gift to give others. You can use my code “claudieholiday” for $$$ off of your order until 12/31/2023 and after that you can use my code “claudie15”

Winter Nighttime Routine With Lather - Products I Used

Cranberry Orange Body Wash

This is the Cranberry Orange Body Wash. It smells nice and it is gentle on my skin. I’m going to be honest I have used most of this bodywash already. When I got my package I immediately  started using it because I needed body wash by the time I filmed my routine it was basically done.

Next is the Cranberry Orange Bath Salts. I really like how this made my skin feel silky smooth. I think its because it has the essential oils in it. I think that it elevates the experience and makes it really relaxing.

Okay so this  the second wash cloth that I’ve received from Lather. I like that its made from bamboo. Its really soft on your skin but it is still very cleansing. 

After you wash you have to moisturize your skin so I used the Cranberry Orange Moisturizer. I mentioned that I used up the body wash already but I have used much of this moisturizer mainly because I have the Bamboo and Lemongrass Moisturizer from Lather as well. 

You can’t moisturize you face with the same thing you use for your body so I used the Sweet Almond Face Moisturizer. This is very thick so a little goes a long way. You really don’t need that much and it feels so nice on my skin.

Toning Eye Gel With Peptides

The last product I used is the Toning Eye Gel With Peptides. I like the eye gel but I don’t think I really need it right now. it does feel cooling on the skin and its a good product but I don’t really get bags under my eyes. This is a product I will gift to my mom.

Thanks For Reading.

Thank you for reading my winter nighttime routine with Lather. What product would you like to try? Let me know in the comments down below!


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