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Self Care Gifts Under $15

Published December 18, 2021
Author: Claudie P

Christmas is a week away and I know that There are a lot of people that are still shopping for last minute gifts. I still am. During this time people are stressed and they might need some self care. So, I created a list of self care gifts under $15.Christmas shopping can be stressful especially if you are a last minute person on a budget. You might worry that you don’t have enough money to get someone a gift or that there is nothing to get. 

I think that gifts that have to do with self care are a perfect way to start if you don’t know what to get.Self care is so important. It might seem basic because these gifts are things that people use on a daily basis, but it can do so much for someone’s mental health. How I know that my mental health is not good is when I stop doing my self care routine. 

What gets me back to my routine is to either figure out what is wrong or when I’m introduced to a new self care product. When I get something new I get so excited that I want to include it in my routine. I know that if it can make me feel better, it can make others too. So…

Here’s my list of self care gifts under $15

5 Self Care Gifts Under $15


Candles are so relaxing. Especially when it has a calming scent. I think candles set the tone to what mood you are in. Since Christmas is approaching, a holiday scented candle is appropriate. I usually don’t like holiday scents but a friend of mine picked one out for me. I’m starting to enjoy it. So, it might be a good time to introduce a new scent to whoever you’re gifting a candle to.

Bath & Body Works Single Wick Candles

Skin Care

A lot of people are into skin care right now. There are so many skin care brands that have been coming out lately that it has become a big thing. I think having a skin care routine for your face is a good way to start your day or end your night. It gives you a routine and for some people they need structure during their day. I think gifting someone a skincare kit is a good gift especially for someone that doesn’t know where to start.


I love a good perfume. Smelling good gives me so much confidence. It’s nice to hear when someone else says that you smell good. You don’t have to spend a lot for a nice perfume. There are name brand perfumes that you can even find for cheap. So perfume is a perfect gift.You might even introduce someone to their new signature scent. 


Hand Soaps

A good quality hand soap is really nice to have. No one wants watery hand soap. It doesnt feel nice on your hands. A nice hand soap is one that is either foamy or one that lathers up well. A nice hand soap has to smell good too. I think it’s a perfect gift to get someone.

Body Scrubs

Taking a shower is a good stress relief. I think a good way to elevate your shower experience is to add a body scrub to your routine. Body scrubs remove dead skin from your body and it leaves it silky smooth. I think this is a perfect gift for someone who likes to pamper themselves.


I hope you enjoyed this list of self care gifts under $15. Let me know in the comments what self care gift you like receiving!

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