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Redecorating My Mom's Kitchen

Published November 18, 2021
Author: Claudie P

Today’s blog is about how I helped my mom with redecorating her kitchen. This time last year I helped my mom out with renovating her house which took a lot of work to do. I wished that I took pictures of the process because I knew I wanted to write about it but I guess I will learn for next time. So the before picture that you will see below is from the listing of the house. Before we get into what I did to the kitchen I want to talk about how the previous owners left the house. I think that because they wanted to sell the house quickly and didn’t want to do much renovations they painted the entire house beige. When I say the entire house is beige I mean the walls, baseboard, doors, stair railing, the ceiling of the second floor and the vents. I didn’t realize that the ceiling and the vents were beige until I painted the walls a different color and I was staring at it wondering why they did that. When I first started painting the walls on the first floor, I was just going to touch up the spots on the wall that were messed up since we had the paint for it. It wasn’t until I dried the paint that I realized it was the wrong shade of beige. The problem was the wet paint matched the old paint on the walls and it was hard to tell what I painted. I got frustrated and decided to paint the walls grey. Changing the color helped me see the difference in the paint and it looked way better anyway. I’m not going to show the rest of the house because I think that the kitchen has the best improvement and there isn’t much to say about the rest of the house. So let’s start with the kitchen.




 It didn’t look too bad in the beginning, just outdated. The first thing that I did with the kitchen was sand the cabinets. I took off all of the cabinet doors so I could sand them outside. One thing that I would do next time is to remember to cut my nails before sanding because my hand slipped and I broke my nail. So I  had to cut all of my nails so it won’t happen again and because it was too painful. I finished sanding all of the cabinet doors and I tested the black stain on one of the drawers. I thought that it was fine but eventually found out that the cabinets weren’t made of real wood. How I found out was that my mom thought I was going too slow and hired someone to finish painting and he stained all the cabinets but once he put the gloss on it, the stain came off. If I had done it myself I would have figured out another solution but it doesn’t look bad from far away. After the cabinets were done I painted the walls and the baseboards two different whites. The white that I used for the base board is the same as the rest of the house. I painted the walls with two coats and the hardest part to paint was the wall above the cabinets. Not only did I use a ladder I had to stand on top of the counter to reach the top. The part that I didn’t do much of was the backsplash. Since it was tile pieces and I don’t know how to do it we had a family friend do it and I helped put in the small pieces. Those changes did a lot for the kitchen even though we technically are not done. There are more things that we want to do but because it is expensive we are waiting a couple of years to do them. We eventually want to change the countertop, the size of the sink and get appliances.

The next time I decorate a room I will try to make sure I take pictures and videos of the process. I’m even upset at myself for not documenting the process of my friend’s room. It turned out great and I wish I had the pictures for it. Decorating and organizing are things that I like to do, so I’m sure I will have a new project. I hope that you have enjoyed this post and like it more in the future.


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