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My Spring 2023 Fashion Lookbook

My Spring 2023 Fashion Lookbook

Published April 30, 2023
Author: Claudie P

Spring is finally here and I am ready for warm clothes again. I know that since I live in Florida it’s technically warm all year round but it does get chilly and I was over it. Long sleeves and jackets are out, I was over it. I’m ready for crop tops, dresses and shorts. So here’s my Spring 2023 Fashion Lookbook

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My Spring 2023 Fashion Lookbook

Outfit 1

Most people when they think of spring dresses they think of flowy dresses and even though i love the look of them on other people it doesn’t goes great with me. I’m really into bodycon dress and I think that this the perfect spring dress for people that like bodycon too. Also green is such a pretty color for spring.

What I like about this dress it has a towel like material. It great if your thinking about going to the beach or pool. You can just have your swimsuit under it and your able to go out to eat right after. The shades are a cool statement piece. I love that it has a cat eye shape. Then I added clear chunky heels. I’ve always wanted clear heals it goes with literally everything.

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Outfit 2

This pool look is giving spring break vibes. I really love this one piece swimsuit it really hugs the right places. I used an over sized button up as a coverup. Oversized clothing aren’t usually my thing but it worked perfectly as a coverup of even a sweater if I’m cold. If you add some shorts you can transform the look to a beach outfit to a beachy brunch look. 

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Outfit 3

Now this look is a stunner, I love the white and black  color block pattern in the dress. I added a corset belt to cinch the waist and it looks like its a part of the dress. I had to add boots to this look, I know I had these boots for the winter but they can transition from season to season.  Plus I think the boots elevated the look.

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Outfit 4

If you are looking for the perfect coverup this is the one! I absolutely love this coverup dress. It perfect for a poolside party, brunch or beach day. I’m not going to lie I got a little confused with all of the strings but I realized that you can tie it how ever you want and it wont look bad. I love the orange color and how it still bright enough even though it sheer. 

I got this dress from Micas you can use my code “ClaudieP12” for $$$ off your order

Outfit 5

This look is one of my favorites right now. Its perfect for festival season. I’m wearing a pink halter top corset that is so cute. The jean mini skirt is thrifted and li love that the top of it has a frayed edge. I’m obsessed with the white cowboy boots it’s really in right now, especially for festival season. To tie the look together I added a stunned belt and it perfect!

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Outfit 6

This is an other swimsuit that I think is perfect for spring. I love how colorful this swimsuit is. Its also giving 70’s vibes with this pattern. I like the support that I have with the strings at the neck and back. Again I just love have a button up shirt as a cover up. This time I went with white but i think the blue one would have went perfectly with this too.

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Outfit 7

This outfit scream festival season. I have a silver halter top which is the statement piece of the outfit. Now I do which that the top had string to tie it together so it can fit better. I had to do a little adjusting but its still nice. These high waisted jeans are perfect. it fits my body really nice and I love that its ripped. I added white pumas so I could be cute but comfy. Then to tie the look together I added a silver purse. the purse came with a cross body strap and I decided to add it as a belt for fun.

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Outfit 8

For this last look I decided to go with a matching set. I think matching set are an easy choice that is low effort but still look nice. This is a matching corset and parachute pants set which both are trending right now for spring. I have a couple of corset tops but I really wanted a pair of parachute pants. Usually baggy clothes aren’t my thing but I think that these pants are so cute. Plus you don’t have to wear them together. 

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Thanks For Reading.

Thank you for checking out my Spring 2023 Fashion Lookbook I really hope you enjoyed it. Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comment down below!

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