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My Christmas Wishlist

Published December 14, 2021
Author: Claudie P

This year I’ve been on a journey of reclaiming the holidays. Almost every holiday was ruined for me as a child and I realized now as an adult I’m the one that has to make it better. This year I’m making little steps to make the holidays better so that I don’t dread it and become a grinch. Christmas was hard for me growing up. I didn’t get much for Christmas when I was growing up. Honestly, most times I didn’t get anything. It was devastating to go to school and everyone was talking about what they had and I had to lie so people wouldn’t feel bad. I got so used to not getting anything that I stopped asking. I realized I never ask for anything when it comes to anything in my life. 


I decided to make a wish list of all of the things that I want even if it is expensive. I’m making this list for fun. I don’t want you to  feel bad about my past experiences and buy me something. My sisters and I do a small gift exchange to make up for our childhood.

This year I realized that I need to add an Ipad to my collection of apple products. I got my Macbook Pro from a family friend when I graduated high school in 2013 and I have an Iphone. Those two products were enough for me at the time, but now I need more. Another reason is that I used to watch T.V from my laptop but now it’s on my desk. I have my desk setup in a certain way and there’s so many wires connected to my laptop that I don’t want to move it. So I have been watching T.V from my phone. The last reason why I want an Ipad is that as I’m improving my blog and social media stuff I need an ipad. There are so many projects I want to do that an Ipad can help with


I have an obsession with boots. The colors I would like are; black, white, beige, red, brown, even a jeans material. I want thigh-high, knee-high and ankle boots. I told you I’m obsessed. Right now I only have three pairs of boots. I used to have more but those boots were old and worn out. The boots had to go in the trash. I want to build up my boot collection again. Right now I have a beige, knee-high boot, I have a black tie-up ankle boot and a white pleather ankle boot. My sister always tells me that I don’t need boots because we live in Florida but I don’t care, I want them all.

I’ve been streaming on Twitch lately and I have been playing games with my sister’s Xbox on Fridays. We used to have a Wii and a Playstation one when we were younger and I like Nintendo better. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted a Playstation 5 or a Switch but I realized I don’t play that many games but the ones that I want to play are on the Switch. I’m into chill games so I want to play Animal Crossing and Mario Cart. 

Skin Care Products

I’m really basic with my skin care routine and I want to improve it. I was supposed to get new products this year because I have a mini skin care fridge, I just haven’t used it yet. I’m upset at myself because it’s been sitting under my bed for a year. I just don’t know where to start with skincare. There have been so many products coming out that it’s overwhelming. I do know that I want a jade roller, but for actual products I don’t know yet.

I’ve wanted a new camera for years. I used to take photography in high school and at the time I had a fuji film camera because it was what I could afford. It lasted me for years, I even used it when I became historian for the Caribbean Student Association in college. I eventually gave it to a friend which I regret now. At the time I gave the camera away I had no intentions to have a blog and now I need it more than ever. I take pictures on my phone and yes they turn out good. However, I have about 10,000 pictures on my phone. No it’s not an exaggeration. My phone is filled with pictures and it’s too much. I miss having an actual camera to hold. It’s been years so I know I will have to relearn how to use it.


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