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Last Minute Women’s Self Care Gifts: Blogmas Day 6

Last Minute Women’s Self Care Gifts: Blogmas Day 6

Published December 19, 2023
Author: Claudie P

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The holiday season can be the best thing or the worst thing ever. If you read some of my past 12 days of Blogmas you would know that the holiday season used to be the worst for me and my family. I tried to make things better and kinda celebrate for myself. In this blog post I want to highlight the best and the worst things that might happen in general during the holiday season.


Last Minute Women’s Self Care Gifts

I love getting candles as gifts anytime of year but especially during the holidays.  I love Christmas inspired scents and all of the candle from Jus Me smells so good. I ogt Champagne Apples & Honey which remind me of winter candy apple from Bath and Body Works and its do good.  I also have the gingerbread wax melts that I got for my mom because she really love wax melts. 

Facial Roller - TJ Maxx

I think skincare tools are a great gift to give like this facial roller. I’ve always wanted one but I gave a way my makeup fridge so I don’t have anywhere cold to put it.  This is another thing that is for my mom

Facial Suction Wand - TJ Maxx

This is another skincare tool that I think is so cool. Its a suction wand to help brighten and smooth out your skin. I got this for my sister birthday/christmas since her birthday is today,

This is a perfect set for your friend that is having trouble with falling asleep. I got this from lather and you can use my code “Claudie15” for 15% off of Lather.

I love using a lavender spray on my pillow to help fall asleep at night. I never had a relaxing balm before so it would be cool to try. I think everyone loves a bath bomb and a eye mask.

Cranberry Dream Holiday Set - Lather

This is another set form Lather that was sent to me. its the Cranberry dream set that come with a body wash, bath salts, wash cloth and. lotion(not pictured.) 

I’m not going to lie I already used up my body wash and the reason why the lotion is in the picture is that it’s hiding somewhere in my room. I just haven’t tried the bath salt which I will be using in a couple of days when I do my winter skincare routine with later.

Lip Library Set - Ulta

This is a the Lip Library set from Ulta that has lip oils, lip glosses, lip stains and lip cream.  I think that this is a perfect set for any one who live lip products. I got it on sale at Ulta for $13 which is a deal!


Facial Cleansing Set - TJ Maxx

This is the last item and I think a skincare tool that everyone should have. I have a facial cleansing brush like this that has bristles on one side and silicone on the other.  I like how the bristles are gentle on the skin but it still works well to remove all the dirt.

Thanks For Reading.

Thank you for reading my list of last minute women’s self care gifts. What is a self care gift you like to gifted this year? creators should I look out for? Let me know in the comments down below

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