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How To Help Others During The Holidays: Blogmas 2023 Day 4

How To Help Others During The Holidays: Blogmas 2023 Day 4

Published December 17, 2023
Author: Claudie P

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The holiday season is about giving and what better way to give by helping others in your community. There are so many people in need that are struggling to keep afloat. The holiday season can really be stressful so here’s how to help others during the holiday season


How To Help Others During The Holidays

Donate To A Toy Drive

Donating toys helps a lot of kids in need. A lot of parents can’t afford to buy gifts for their kids and because kids believe in Santa they will think that Santa forgot about them. I remember having a lot of Christmases without gifts and felt so bad when asked what I got and having to lie. It doesn’t really feel good 

Donate To A Charity

 If gift giving isn’t your thing or you don’t know what presents to buy you can donate money to a charity. I Think a charity is the easiest way to help because they have a plan of how they are going to help and your donation contributes to that goal.


Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

If you want to help out but you don’t have the extra money yourself you can volunteer your time. I think a soup kitchen or food pantry is the best way to help. You can see the impact it makes right there. I volunteered at a soup kitchen when I was in highschool and it made me reflect on my life.


Donate Winter Clothes

 The holiday season means that it is cold outside. There might be some homeless people in the cold or people who can’t afford winter clothes for their kids. Everyone deserves to be warm during the winter. I recently donated some winter clothes to my friend that moved to New York

Bake Treats For Friends In Need

You don’t have to only help out strangers you can help out friends by baking them something. For example my mom and I are going to a holiday party and we are helping by providing them with two dishes. 


Thanks For Reading.

Thank you for reading how to help others during the holiday. What are some ways you like to help others? Let me know in the comments down below!

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