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How Lighting at Different Times of Day Affect Photos

Published November 17, 2021
Author: Claudie P

Lighting to me is the most important thing when it comes to taking pictures. If you don’t have good lighting you don’t have a good picture. I know that nowadays pictures can be edited to make lighting in the photo better but I like to avoid that in the first place. This picture on the left is one of my favorite pictures because of the natural light coming from the window. The blinds add a shadow and make it more appealing. But let me tell you the struggle it took to take this picture. So I usually take pictures around 3pm to 6pm EST because that’s when I get the best lighting. I got dressed up, put my makeup on and everything. I set up my tripod to take pictures and just started snapping away. But I wasn’t getting the pictures to come out how I wanted them too. I think that the pictures are good but they had a different mood to them. I waited for the lighting to get better to take some more pictures, I tried changing outfits so I can have more options of pictures to choose from and I just got frustrated. I took off my makeup and all of my clothes. I gave up for the day. Or I thought I did because all of the sudden the sun came out brighter than ever. I rushed to put my clothes back on. I didn’t even try to put on makeup because I didn’t want the sunlight to go away. I’m so glad that I did that because I think the pictures came out great. I’m going to show you all of the pictures and give you around what time I took them.


4:00PM-4:20PM EST

4:30PM-4:50PM EST

5:00PM-5:20PM EST

At the moment when I was taking all of these pictures I really thought that the first two sets of pictures weren’t that good but they are all beautiful pictures. The lighting of each of them sets a different mood. You can see how a little bit of time can change the difference. It was only ten minutes apart with each set of pictures and every set looked completely different. Sometimes it is annoying to wait until the lighting gets better to take pictures but this made me realize that I have to be patient. You will never know what you capture if you don’t take the time to do it. I hope that you enjoyed seeing how time can affect lighting. Let me know if there are any photography tips you would like to know. Thanks for reading.


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