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Holiday Activities I Wish I Went To In SWFL: Blogmas 2023 Day 7

Holiday Activities I Wish I Went To In SWFL: Blogmas 2023 Day 7

Published December 21, 2023
Author: Claudie P

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The last two years I didn’t participate in any holiday events in SWFL. The first year was because of COVID and last year was because of how hurricane Ian affected SWFL. This year I wanted to go to so many events but of course I couldn’t go to all of. So here are some holiday events I went to in SWFL

Holiday Activities I Went To In SWFL

Gulf Coast Town Center - Christmas Tree Lighting Event

This was the first holiday event I went to this year and it was magical. Sometimes I forget that Fort Myers is a decent sized city because this event was packed. It was so overwhelming, especially since I went to take pictures. I usually take pictures myself but not in a big crowd like that. The funniest part is that while I was taking the pictures I missed the lighting of the Christmas tree and most of my pictures were bad.


The Collaboratory - Holiday Night Market

This next event I thought was interesting because I never heard of a night market. I found out that they do this every month and I think it’s so cool. The purpose of the Collaboratory is to hold space for people in SWFL to connect with each other. They have coworking spaces and big conference rooms to hold events. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures but I have videos that will be included in my BTS of my 12 days of Blogmas vlog.

Local Honey - Small Business Holiday Market

Now this is technically a holiday event that I hosted with Local Honey. I met with the owner Jolene in October to plan the event which is also included in the BTS of my 12 days of Blogmas vlog. I think the event was a success. Everyone was so sweet and it was nice to be surrounded by positive people.


Holiday Activities I Wish I Went To In SWFL

Fort Myers Beach - Christmas Boat Parade

 So I found out this year that there is a Christmas boat parade that happens at Fort Myers Beach every year. I’m upset because I have lived here since I was 12 and never knew about it. I couldn’t make it this year but I’m definitely going to look out for it next year.

Calusa Nature Center - Holiday Light Event

The Calusa Nature center has a holiday light event where you can walk a nature trail that is decorated in holiday lights. When you get to the end there is a campfire where you can roast marshmallows and have hot chocolate. Plus the tickets are a reasonable price of $10 for ages 13 and up and $5 for under. Definitely going to check it out next year but they will still be selling tickets until the 30th. 


Thanks For Reading.

Thank you for reading my list of holiday event I went to in SWFL.  What was your favorite holiday event you went to this year? Let me know in the comments down below

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