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Fall Fashion Staples Every Girl Should Have

Fall Fashion Staples Every Girl Should Have

Published November 20, 2022
Author: Claudie P

I feel like Fall is the time of year that you can show off your fashion abilities. Even though I’m from Florida and it’s summer all the time I love being able to pull together a fall inspired look together. Before you pull off the perfect fall outfit you do need some essential items so I have some Fall fashion staples every girl should have.

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Fall Fashion Staples Every Girl Should Have


For some people boots are the last thing to pull their fall outfit together but for me boots are the most important thing. Fall doesn’t exist without boots, especially the knee high ones. I will plan a whole outfit based on the boots I want to wear. I think everyone needs to have a variety of boot styles and colors. For example, I have 6 different boots here and they all look different, the only thing is that they are neutral colors; white, black and beige. I think boots just elevate your style and it’s so essential to your closet

Simple Sweater

Of course sweaters are important to a fall outfit but I think it’s good to have a simple sweater that you can pair with everything. Sweaters are my favorite to wear because I’m always cold. I especially love the knit sweaters because it adds extra warmth. What I think is cute is putting a collared shirt under the sweater and pairing it with a tennis skirt.

Mini Skirts

So, I know what you’re thinking. A mini skirt can be worn in the spring or the summer. But, to be honest I wasn’t really a mini skirt kind of person until this fall. I usually like midi length skirts because I always felt like some mini skirts were too short for my butt. Plus I was having trouble styling it for a while. Since mini skirts are short you need to cover more with the top and with the shoes which is why it’s perfect for fall. If you have a sweater and some knee high boots you have the perfect fall outfit.

Matching Jogger Set

A matching set is a must anytime of year. It’s perfect when you don’t want to/ don’t have time to think about your outfit. It makes you seem put together without any effort. However, if you can jazz it up by adding a coat or scarf to layer it. A matching set can be the perfect base of any outfit especially if you live somewhere colder than Florida.

I got this matching set from Adore Me it and I love it. It’s nice and fuzzy, plus it keeps me warm. Adore Me is known for its lingerie but they also have a lot of clothing options as well. I love that they are size inclusive and that the plus size options are still cute. If you want you can use my code “definingmyessence19” to get your first VIP set for just $19.99 at Adore Me

Statement Blazer

So when thinking about fall staples the one thing on my mind was that I need a blazer. I got rid of some of my old one’s so I needed something new. A blazer can elevate your style so much and it’s versatile. You can do a street style look and pair the blazer with a sports bra and biker shorts, or  jogger set. A t-shirt and jeans is perfect for a simple look. You can also class it up with an elegant dress.

Local Honey, which is a cute boutique in SWFL, had the perfect blazer for me. I love the plaid pattern and the colors, so there are a lot of things I could pair it with. You can use  my code “Claudie” to get 10% off  your order at Local Honey

Anything With Plaid

Last, but not least is plaid. I think plaid is a must with fall fashion. There are so many things you can get with a plaid pattern to make up your outfit. I have a plaid blazer, flannel, skirt and even a long sleeve crop top.  What I really need is a plaid pair of pants or even a plaid scarf.

Thanks For Reading

Thank you so much for reading! I know I’m a little late to post this, it was just a lot after Hurricane Ian. I hope you enjoy my fall fashion staples every girl should have. Let me know in the comments what is a fall fashion staple for you?

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