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End of Summer 2022 Lookbook

Published September 10, 2022
Author: Claudie P

Summer is coming to an end which is hard to wrap my head around being from Florida. It’s basically summer all year round. Since it’s the technical end of summer I’m going to show you my end of summer lookbook.

I have not done a lookbook in a while and I miss it so much. I used to be on top of it when it came to taking pictures for my lookbooks. I would post some of my looks on Instagram but post them all on the blog. After posting the blog I would ask people on Instagram which of the outfits that weren’t on Instagram should be posted but I can’t do it this time because I’m trying to transition to Fall.

Speaking about Fall, I don’t have a vision on how to style for fall right now. It’s so hot outside for sweaters so I have to figure it out. But let’s get into the end of summer lookbook.

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End of Summer 2022 Lookbook

Beige Bodycon Dress

When I first saw this dress I knew I had to get it. I just knew that it was going to fit my body perfectly. I originally got this dress because my mom wanted to go on a boat trip for my birthday but it unfortunately didn’t happen. I however plan on wearing this dress on multiple occasions. This is a called the Tulum dress and it from my favorite store in SW Florida called Local Honey. If you use my code “claudie” you will get 10% off of your order!

White & Orange Checkered Dress

This is an other dress that I got from Local Honey. I love orange. It’s my favorite color to wear because it looks so good on me. This dress has a retro feel to it. I paired it with white leather boots to complete the look. This is the perfect summer dress. What I love about Local Honey is that they have good quality clothes that will last a long time. Plus there isn’t a lot of clothing options for me here in SW Florida and this store fulfills my need.

Brown Body Suit & High-Waisted Jeans

I love a good bodysuit. What I love about this one is the open back. I’ve been into this style more because it flatters my body. Since I have a fuller butt it comes out more causing a lot of room between my back an the fabric when I wear bodysuits or rompers. The open back eliminates that problem for me. I bought both the bodysuit and the jeans from Ross. Listen, Ross as some good clothes! 

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We have an other Ross find. I originally got this top in green but let my sister take it with her to Key West and never got it back. I went back to Ross and I was surprised to find it in another color so I had to get it. I still want the green top but I know I can get it back. I honestly don’t remember where I got the skirt but I love that its flowy. 

Yellow Swimsuit

So I’m pretty sure I got this swimsuit from Shein. I want to state that I stopped supporting this brand for multiple reasons. Before I didn’t have enough money to buy clothes and Shein is extremely affordable but at the same time unethical. I’m not going to shame anyone from buys from them especially if you were in my same situation. I just wanted to be honest because I still have clothes from them but won’t continue to buy from them. They do have cute clothes but it doesn’t last long and I also feel like im at an age that I need better quality clothes. Now the tie up skirt is actually a hair scarf that I got from target and it matches the swimsuit so well.

Pink Bralette & High-Waisted Jeans

I feel like this look gives the ultimate summer vibes.  I got this bralette from Parade. Even though its a bralette I love the fact that you can use it as a top. The scarf in my head is also from Parade as well. This scarf is huge! I love that its silky but I don’t think I’ll use it as an actual scarf. It’s perfect for covering your hair at night though. I got these jean from Ross as well. It’s cuffed at the end which I love and I like that its baggy. I have on some white Guess sneakers to tie the look together. 

Thanks For Reading

Thank you so much for reading my end of summer 2022 lookbook. I hope that you have enjoyed these looks and maybe be inspired for next year. Wish me luck on trying to find fall outfit ideas while living in Florida. 

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