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Creators You Should Check Out This Season

Published December 16, 2021
Author: Claudie P

What I love about the holidays is all of the Christmas content. There’s vlogmas, blogmas, or even a 12 days of Christmas like I’m doing. It takes a lot to make this type of content. It’s a big jump from posting one or two times a week to 30 days worth of content. Especially since most of the stuff they put out is creative. I wanted to showcase some creators that are making Christmas content this month. So, here’s a list of creators you should check out this month. I hope you enjoy these creators as much as I do.

Creators You Should Check Out: Bloggers

Des is a beauty, lifestyle and health blogger and YouTuber. She is participating in Blogmas this month. We did guest posts for each other this month and both posts are already up. I’m so excited to see what other content she has coming this month.

Deandra is a lifestyle blogger and podcast host. She has been killing it with the Blogmas content. She’s one of my new favorite bloggers and I’m always impressed with what she comes out with.

Riyah is a blogger that focuses on self care and wellness. You know I’m into mental health stuff and I find her content to be informative. She has been active with her Blogmas content and I’ve been enjoying it so far.

Katie is a lifestyle, advice and wellness blogger that focuses on love and relationships. Lately she has been posting some amazing gift guides. So if you still haven’t found presents for your loved ones she has a gift guide for everyone you can think of.

Alicia started The Bloggers Incentive to give tips on everything about blogging. Now she technically isn’t doing Blogmas but she is providing information about how to make Christmas content. So, if you are a blogger that needs help here’s where you can get inspiration 


Chelsea is another blogger  that provides insightful tips for bloggers. Now their Blogmas content isn’t about Christmas but they are still providing content for all 25 days of Christmas. I’ve been catching up and learning so much.


Creators You Should Check Out: Youtubers

Shanygne is a YouTuber and beauty influencer. I’ve been following her on YouTube for years and I think that this year she has really improved in her content. So I’m excited to see what she has in store for vlogmas.

Jazzy is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer. I followed her a while ago but had know idea she was doing vlogmas. When I was looking for content creators to feature she was suggested by a mutual Twitch friend. This is Jazzy’s first year doing vlogmas and I’ve been enjoying it so far. You should definitely check her out

Smokey Glow Is a beauty and commentary youtuber. Instead of doing a normal Vlogmas she does Glowmas where she has different topics. It could be about youtube scandals, a deep dive on a certain creator showing their evolution. So if you are looking for something different this is for you 


I hope you enjoyed this list of creators you should check out this season. Leave in the comments below a creator that I should check out.

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