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Creators You Should Check Out This Christmas: Blogmas Day 1

Creators You Should Check Out This Christmas: Blogmas Day 1

Published December 14, 2023
Author: Claudie P

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To kick off the 12 Days of Blogmas I want to keep this tradition of letting you know what content creators you should check out this year. My favorite part of the Christmas season is watching all of the Christmas content that is out there. It’s so fun to watch all the creators that I love but I also like to find new people to enjoy. So here is a list of creators you should check out this christmas

Creators You Should Check Out This Christmas: Blogmas Day 1

Before we get into the list i want to be a bit honest. This year has been the first year of the 12 days of blogmas that I felt like I might not do it because a lot of my plans felt through, I’m obviously still doing it but I’m going to make it easy for me. So these blog posts might not be long but they will be simply done. I hope you can understand.

Chandra - Diary Of Chan

 Chandra is a fashion blogger that I adore. I found her on Instagram a while ago and I feel like we are always in each other’s dms encouraging one another. She is so sweet and hard working so you should definitely check her out.

Deandra - The Black Princess Diaries

Deandra- I’ve been following Deandra for a while now and she was one of the blogger friends that I found on twitter before all of the changes. I’ve always loved her blog posts and her podcasts. She usually does a full 30 days of Blogmas which is so impressive.

Cherrelle - Relleunique

Cherrelle is a creator that I met on threads I feel like thread has been a more welcoming community than twitter. I’m so glad that I have been finding more creative people there like Cherrelle.

Riyan Christina

Riyan is a  new youtuber I just started watching and I’ve been loving her content. I found out about her because one of my favorite Youtubers, Alisha Marie, shouted her out on a tiktok. She is doing vlogmas and I’m so excited to watch it all–eCLDP


Thanks For Reading.

Thank you for reading my list of creators you should check out this Christmas! What other creators should I look out for? Let me know in the comments down below

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