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9/12 Days Of Blogmas: Winter Destinations I Want To See

9/12 Days Of Blogmas: Winter Destinations I Want To See

Published December 22, 2022
Author: Claudie P

For today’s blog post I’m talking about some places I would like to visit during the winter. To be honest I had another blog post planned out but I wasn’t able to execute it well. So I had to scraped the idea for now. Hopefully I can do it next month. Anyways I think is fun to dream about the places to go for the winter so heres my 9/12 Days Of Blogmas: Winter Destinations I Want To See

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9/12 Days Of Blogmas: Winter Destinations I Want To See

Living in Florida means you do not get to see the seasons. It is basically summer most of the year, it only gets cool for a couple of months. I don’t really like the cold that much but I love seeing how it looks like during the winter in other places. Even though I have said that I don’t want to see the snow, if the opportunity presents itself I would like to go. So heres a couple of place I think I would enjoy.

New York City

New York City, specifically Times Square is a travel destination thats on most peoples list. Everyone wants to go to New York for New Years Eve. I know that it gets extremely crowded and people that are actually from New York don’t go because of tourist. It would just be fun to say that you went.


I think Paris is the perfect place for a romantic winter trip. It would be magical experience to have. You can go sight seeing and visit the Eiffel Tower. I heard that there are Christmas markets and sales that you can go to. And of course there are plenty of museums to go to. Literally the perfect winter destination for a couple.

Big Bear

I honestly never heard of Big Bear until the lifestyle girls on Youtube like Alicia Marie, Remi Cruz and My Life Is Eva talk about it. They literally make the trip seem like so much fun. I was never really into cabins but the cabin in Big Bear looks extravagant. 

Thanks For Reading

I hope you enjoyed knowing where I would like to go for a winter destination. Where would you like to travel to during the winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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