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5 Ideas For The Perfect Solo Date

5 Ideas For The Perfect Solo Date

Published September 17, 2022
Author: Claudie P

Recently I’ve been trying to get out of the house more and take myself on some solo dates. As an introvert I like spending time alone in my room so why not go out into the world and do the same thing. I think it’s nice to go out and treat yourself. So I made a list of 5 ideas for the perfect solo date and I hope it gives you inspiration.

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Why Are Solo Dates Important?

Solo dates are important because it helps you connect with yourself. I believe that you should be your best friend and to do that you have to get to know yourself. When you go on a solo date you can discover new things that you like or confirm things that you don’t.I just think that going on solo dates can prepare you for going on real dates as well. Since you know how to treat yourself, you’re not going to put up with anyone else’s bullshit. You will expect others to treat you the same or even better than you treat yourself. I know that going out on your own sounds scary but I promise it will be worth it!

What Should You Wear?

Before you go on your solo date you have to look cute. I love dressing up for myself because it makes me feel confident. If you want to feel the same way use my code “definingmyessence19” of my link below to get your first VIP set for $19.99 at Adore Me.

Adore Me has such cute lingerie sets. I don’t know why but having a nice pair of underwear puts me in a good mood. Sometimes I even like to wear a bra or bralette as a top and dress it up with a high-waisted pair of jeans. Like I did here…

How Often Should You Go On A Solo Date?

I think it’s important to plan out solo dates into your schedule. For me I’m trying to go out on a solo date every other week. I think that’s a realistic goal, especially if you are on a budget or extremely busy. Setting a date can give you something to look forward to. If you can do it once a week that’s awesome and if it’s once a month that’s great too, as long as you are able to go. 

I really appreciate this opportunity to collaborate with Adore Me. Now, let’s get into 5 ideas for the perfect solo date. 

5 Ideas For The Perfect Solo Date

Take Yourself Out To Brunch

As I’ve gotten older and past my college years I don’t like to go out at night. I want to go out during the day and make it home before it gets dark and the way to do that is to go to brunch. Find yourself a cute little brunch place in your community. I feel like brunch is classy. It’s an excuse to get an alcoholic drink during the day. Although I don’t drink often, the idea is there.

I took myself to brunch a couple of weeks ago at a restaurant called Fancy’s Southern Kitchen and I loved it. Their chicken and waffles were to die for. Usually waffles don’t have much flavor but you could taste the vanilla in it. I definitely had a lovely time.

Plan A Picnic

I feel like a picnic is one of the cheapest ways you can have a solo date. You can make yourself some snacks, bring a blanket and go outside.  If you want, play some music or even bring a book with you. There are also multiple places you can have a picnic at, you can go to the beach, the park or even your backyard.

Go To The Movies

I think it’s fun to go to the movies by yourself. There are many things to watch by yourself and you don’t have to consider others opinions. I’m even planning on going soon, I just need to figure out what movie I want to watch. When I go to the movie theater I usually get cold  so I bring a blanket so I can get cozy. You don’t need someone else to warm you up if you have a blanket.

If you don’t want to go to the movies you can still plan a movie night. I used to make myself dinner, have a glass of wine and watch a movie on the weekends. 

Go To A Museum/Art Show

One of the things that I miss the most about Miami is the amount of museums and art shows that they have. I mean Fort Myers has a few Downtown but it’s not the same. When I was living in Miami I loved going to Wynwood Art Walk and just exploring. I just think it’s fun to look at art and try to make a connection with it.

Take Yourself On A Shopping Spree

I think it’s important to literally treat yourself when you go on a solo date. I love shopping by myself because I can take my time. When you go with other people you can feel rushed. I like to take my time to try on everything when I’m trying out clothes. The plus side is that you have more outfits to take yourself out on solo dates.


Thanks For Reading

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed these 5 ideas for the perfect solo date. Let me know in the comment below if you plan on going on a solo date soon. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Love this! I love taking myself to dinner or going for a weekend away by myself. It’s so good to have a bit of time alone and decompress and you’re not alone if you consider yourself good company. Great post, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Omg Andrea I love what you said “you’re not alone if you consider yourself good company” this is so true! And yes dinner is a perfect way to treat yourself 💗

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