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5 Holiday Scents From Bath & Body Works

Published December 23, 2021
Author: Claudie P

One thing this year I wanted to get into is holiday scented candles and sprays. I usually hate holiday scents, but I think it’s because I have a bad association with the holidays. I want to change that. I feel like it can help me get into the Christmas spirit. For years I’ve always hated holiday scented  things. I don’t usually like pumpkin spice, marshmallow or peppermint scented things. I feel like such a grinch for not liking these things. Since I’m reclaiming the holidays I want to try things that I haven’t before. I think testing if I like holiday scents is a small start to actually celebrate Christmas. So I had my friend pick out 3 holiday scents from Bath & Body works that I should check out. 

5 Holiday Scents From Bath & Body Works

Twisted Peppermint

My friend got me the lotion in this scent. It has a sweet peppermint smell to it and when you put it on it has a cool feeling to it. If you really love peppermint this is for you, but it’s not too overwhelming if you don’t. I’m liking it so far.

Marshmallow Fireside

 I usually don’t like marshmallow scented things but i like this scent. It’s very sweet and warm. I have this scent in a single wick candle, which I’m excited about because I want to start a candle collection.

Frosted Cranberry

I think that this is technically a fall scent but I think this can go for every season. I love that it’s fruity because I love the fruity scent. It’s not too sweet. Even though I like sweet scents, I think if it was too sweet it would overpower it. I have this scent in hand soap.

Winter Candy Apple

Winter candy apple is the only scent that I already liked. I decided to try it a couple of years ago because a Youtuber recommended it. For me it isn’t a holiday scent because it is so fruity. I’m upset that this isn’t sold all year long.

Pure Wonder

This is one of the newest holidays scents from Bath & Body Works and the inspiration for this post. My friend was telling me how good this smelled and wanted to get it for me. I really like this scent because it makes me feel classy. It feels fancy from the scent to the packaging. Pure Wonder has a sweet scent that is warm and flowery. It’s a nice gift to receive.

I honestly think that I a going to continue using these scents. Let me know in the comments… What is you favorite holiday scent from Bath & Body Works?


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