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2/12 Days of Blogmas: All I Want For Christmas

2/12 Days of Blogmas: All I Want For Christmas

Published December 15, 2022
Author: Claudie P

Christmas was very hard for me growing up. As an adult I really thought it was going to get better, it kinda has but not in the way that I imagined. This year is going to be rough again since my sister’s stopped talking. A couple of years ago we started celebrating Christmas again with just the three of us and now we can’t do that anymore. I don’t want every Christmas to be like this so here my 2/12 Days of Blogmas: All I Want For Christmas.

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2/12 Days of Blogmas: All I Want For Christmas


I want to decorate the entire house. One day I will be that person that decorates the house for every season. I want to have a big Christmas tree, maybe even a real one. 


I’ll have garlands and lights everywhere. Decorative pillows would be on every couch. But most of all I want to decorate the outside of the house. I never got the chance to decorate outside and I’ve always been envious of other people’s houses.

Family & Friends

Honestly I don’t ever see myself having a Christamas with my real family.  I do have people in my life that I consider more like my family than my own and I would love to be surrounded by them. I’ve learned that it is better to be around people that actually care about you than to be around family.


I think food is the one thing that is good about my Christmases now. My dad is a really good cook and he likes to get creative with his dishes. There was one year he made breakfast with bacon in the pancakes and a breakfast sandwich with biscuits. So, I would love for him to recreate that.


I want to have a fun Christmas where I get to do fun activities on Christmas Day. For example, wear ugly Christmas sweaters and watch a Christmas movie marathon. I want to do a secret santa or even a white elephant gift exchange with all of my friends.


I do have a couple of things that I want as a gift for Christmas this year. There was no way I was leaving this part out. 


I have so many things that I want to create and an iPad would make it easier for me to do. Plus I want to be able to use my phone as a phone again. I use my phone for everything like editing reels, creating templates and I even write on my phone. It’s too much.

L-Shaped Desk

I need a new desk and an L-shaped would give me the space that I need. My desk is a mess and I only use it to teach. I need my desk to be organized so I can blog from it too.

Something Meaningful

I am a sentimental person so I like meaningful gifts. Sometimes it’s not all about the fancy stuff. I want to feel like I’m cared for and there was thought put into a gift.

Thanks For Reading

I hope you like my list of all I want for Christmas. Put in the comments below what you want for Christmas 


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