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12/12 Days Of Blogmas: 50 Blogmas Ideas For 2023

12/12 Days Of Blogmas: 50 Blogmas Ideas For 2023

Published December 25, 2022
Author: Claudie P

It’s the final day of my 12 days of blogmas! I can’t believe it finally over. This was so much fun and but I want to be  extra prepared next year. I decided for the last day I should come up with ideas for next year. So here’s my 12/12 Days Of Blogmas: 50 Blogmas Ideas For 2023

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12/12 Days Of Blogmas: 50 Blogmas Ideas For 2023

I had a hard time coming up with ideas this year. It was tough because I didn’t want to repeat the topics from last year but at the same time I didn’t want to keep bringing up my terrible Christmas past. I realized that wasn’t avoidable though. Like I said I want to better prepare myself for next year. I also want to do thing even better than this year. There are so many thing That I was able to do this year that I’m going to top next year and I can’t wait.

Here's My List


  1. Winter Fashion Staples

  2. Winter Skincare Routine

  3. Self Care Gifts Guide

  4. Simple Holiday Treats

  5. Holiday Drinks

  6. Christmas Music Playlist

  7. Christmas Movie List

  8. Creators Participating in Blogmas

  9. Women’s Gift Guide

  10. Men’s Gift Guide

  11. Children Gift Guide

  12. Winter Mental Health Tips

  13. Top Places to Visit During the Winter

  14. How to Deal With Stress Over the Holidays

  15. How to Budget for Christmas Shopping 

  16. Favorite Christmas Books

  17. Christmas Decor Tips

  18. Favorite Christmas Food

  19. Christmas Outfit Ideas

  20. What to Fill your Christmas Stockings

  21. Letter to Santa

  22. Christmas Wishlist

  23. Winter Tag

  24. Favorite Winter Candles

  25. Christmas Traditions

  26. Christmas Nail Art Ideas

  27. Christmas Activities to do with your Family

  28. Christmas Festivities to go to

  29. Christmas Inspired Makeup Looks

  30. Favorite Christmas Memory

  31. Best Winter Boots

  32. Holiday Activities for Couples

  33. DIY Christmas Cards

  34. Holiday Bucket List

  35. Local Holiday Events

  36. Charities You Should Donate to for the Holidays

  37. Best & Worst Things About The Holidays

  38. Ugly Christmas Sweaters Inspiration

  39. What I got for Christmas

  40. Christmas Tree Decorations

  41.  Year In Review

  42. Last Minute Gift Ideas

  43. Best Matching Christmas Pajamas

  44. How to Celebrate Christmas With Long Distance Friends

  45. How to Stay Positive During the Holidays

  46. Achievements I Made This Year

  47. New Year Resolutions

  48. Blogging Goals for 2024

  49. New Year Eve Outfit Ideas

  50. Blogmas Ideas For 2024

Thanks For Reading

I hope you have enjoyed my list for next years blogmas. What blog post idea will you do? Let me know in the comments down below. Oh and Merry Christmas!

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